Image of Training Leaders in a Webinar Setting.

Leadership Solutions for the COVID Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down: from high employment to fear of unemployment, from working face-to-face to working virtually, from a robust economy to a record number of bankruptcies. Stating the obvious, it has been the most disruptive event of a lifetime for the majority of those in the workforce. Who could have imagined that companies like Google would require all of their employees to work remotely until mid-2021, or that brick-and-mortar schools and universities would be teaching online! 

Appropriately, leaders have refocused their attention and efforts on short-term survival. Their energies are directed to priorities such as:

  • Reorganization
  • Continuing to do the same work (or more) with fewer resources
  • Managing teams virtually
  • Retaining key employees
  • Maintaining focus while engaging employees and controlling emotions
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Developing high-performing teams
  • Renegotiating with key clients without disruption of services
  • Ensuring the safety of employees

With the large number of priorities at hand, leadership development has never been more critical; without effective leadership, even the most valiant efforts will fall short. So how can companies provide support to their leadership teams in this unique environment, especially with so many other priorities looming? 

Prior to the shelter-at-home orders, we at Beard Executive Consulting were working with leadership teams—in person!—helping them navigate their leadership challenges and providing them with tools to become more effective leaders. In this new normal, as leaders are needing to rapidly assume new and vastly different responsibilities, these tools are more critical than ever to a company’s success.

This is why we have taken our training programs to a digital platform, enabling companies to provide their leaders with the help they need to effectively manage their work, and that of their teams, in real time, presented in a manner that conveniently fits into their schedules without further disruption.

We are here to help you through this trying time. High-impact content and interactive teaching provides leaders with the tools they need to navigate through this pandemic. Our webinar workshops cover a wide variety of topics and are highly interactive, enabling leaders to gain information and awareness to develop behaviors that are crucial in this environment. Programs include:

– Becoming a Versatile Leader

– Building High-Performing Teams

– Conducting Difficult Conversations

– Creating a Culture of Accountability

– Critical Thinking

– Effective Delegation

– Looking in the Mirror: Leadership Psychology 101

– Mentoring for Success

– Setting a Vision for Your Team

– Successful Negotiations

– The Art of Leadership: Shifting Your Paradigm

– The Business of Leadership

As President John F. Kennedy so eloquently stated, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Offering programs that bring leadership and learning together can elevate your organization to levels you might not have believed possible. Review each program in more depth by visiting DNA of Leadership Webinars or simply contact us for details or to schedule a program that works for your needs.