Leadership Training

The leaders in your organization hold their positions because they have been successful in previous roles. One of the challenges leaders face is increasing their impact in new and more challenging situations in which they have exhausted their knowledge, and have little to no resources for help.

Organizational psychologist Dr. Myron Beard, co-author of The DNA of Leadership, facilitates a series of DNA of Leadership Webinars for organizations that want to develop extraordinarily effective leaders. In today’s virtual and fast-paced reality, these intensive programs provide leaders within your organization the resources they need to be effective and successful, without taking large chunks of valuable time away from their work. 

The DNA of Leadership Webinar series focuses on proven strategies to address the issues those in leadership roles face daily, including:

Having difficult conversations
that create results

Building high-performing teams 

Understanding the
financial fundamentals
and metrics of your business

Moving from
tactical manager
to strategic leader

Creating a vision
for your team
or business

Leveraging yourself
through effective delegation

Learning how to
set expectations
and hold others accountable

Each of the 12 DNA of Leadership Webinars is highly interactive and customized to your team’s specific attributes. The webinar series may be purchased as a complete unit or in sections or 3 or more units, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. The webinars are delivered over the course of a few weeks in 90-minute segments for optimal learning. 

This executive development curriculum gives your leaders the information and tools they need for effective leadership development that can impact the entire organization.

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