Business Strategy Consultation


The development of a 3–5 year business strategy, in addition to an annual business plan, is critical to both the success and momentum of any business. Having the right kind of facilitation and consultation for the strategy development process can be the difference between having a strategy that is clear, broadly developed, owned and implementable, as opposed to one that is a top-down dictum with little understanding or engagement by senior management. The Myron Beard Executive Consulting (MBEC) Advantage uses consultants who are steeped in group facilitation and group dynamics, as well as in the dynamics of the business world. Drawing from the work of such notable business experts as Michael Treacy, Al Vicere, Robert Kaplan, David Norton and Maria Farkas, MBEC helps the organization develop a framework for creating a business strategy and a process for engagement of senior executives.

(Note: This is professional facilitation of a strategy development process and does not include the background work and research involved in the data acquisition. This work is best left to experts within the organization who have an intimate knowledge of the company’s customers, markets and products.)


The process is highly customizable, depending upon the specific needs of the organization. However, am MBEC consultant initially meets with senior executives to determine what strategy development process is already in place and the extent to which a change in approach is needed or required. This may include a total ground-up development of a new, repeatable strategy development process. The executive team, with the assistance of the MBEC consultant, identifies objectives and specific responsibilities that are assigned as a prerequisite to the strategy meeting. A tentative date is assigned for the meeting and the MBEC consultant will “check in” with executives in the intervening time to keep the process “on track”. The MBEC consultant helps senior management develop a clear agenda for the strategy meeting and, when necessary, provides tools to management for consistency in strategy presentations.


The ultimate objective of the process is a series of executive sessions resulting in the comprehensive development of a 3–5 year strategy with an implementable business plan for the following year. Representatives of the executive team are charged with presenting their data to the group. The MBEC consultant helps the executive team develop a comprehensive document complete with strategic initiatives, owners, timelines and metrics. This strategy is broadly owned and tools are developed to communicate the strategy down within the organization as well as outside the organization to customers, stakeholders and the relevant public. In addition, methods are developed to track progress compared with strategic objectives—including metrics—providing support and methods for holding owners accountable, resulting in a fully executed and communicated strategic plan.