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Creating Great Leaders

  • Why Leaders Fail and What You Can Do to Ensure Their Success

Learn more about our executive training webinars that focus on strategies to address the unique issues that leaders in your organization face on a daily basis.


Creating a High-Performing Team

  • What constitutes a high performing team?
  • Is your team high-performing?

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Problem Solving: Is the Whole Really Greater Than the Sum of the Parts?

Keep these three guidelines in mind when deciding whether to assemble a team:

  1. Am I acting alone to be effective or because of impatience?
  2. Is the problem routine or complex?
  3. Is this a development opportunity for someone on my team?

Remember, be intentional about your leadership! Think through your problem-solving goals before acting on them.

Having Difficult Conversations

The following action items will ensure success when faced with the prospect of having a tough conversation at work:

  1. Gather data: Be prepared with facts and data points.
  2. Focus the discussion: Prepare a clear agenda and stick to it.
  3. Plan the outcome: Decide with clarity what the expected outcome should be.

Plan ahead—and then Just Do It! Take action sooner rather than later.