DNA of Leadership Overview

The DNA of Leadership Workshop provides a wide range of tools to transform tactical managers into strategic leaders, creating healthy, vibrant organizations.

How it works


Teams work together to solve problems and address situations using proven tools.


Ability to include organization-specific information to further develop your unique culture.


Train-the-trainer programs available for continuous organizational development.

“This program gave me some brain space. After 40 years of getting educated in health care, it’s allowing me to delegate more, and understand how to do that effectively to make others successful. This is helping me move the organization forward.”

Rob Santilli, CEO


“He has decades of real-life experience in business as well as having a PhD in psychology—that’s a unique combination, which allows him to give excellent advice to leaders.”

Steve Quach, CEO


Learn about bringing a DNA of Leadership Workshop to your organization.

An organization’s leaders are in their positions because they have been successful in previous roles. But increasing their impact in new and more challenging roles can be extremely difficult. They often face situations in which they have exhausted their knowledge, and have little to no resources for help.

Dr. Myron Beard, co-author of The DNA of Leadership, facilitates workshops for organizations that want to create strategic leaders. This two-day intensive program trains groups of 20­–40 leaders within your organization, focusing on strategies to address the issues those in leadership roles face daily, including:

  • Moving from tactical manager to strategic leader
  • Creating a vision for your team or business
  • Leveraging yourself through effective delegation
  • Learning how to set expectations and hold others accountable
  • Having difficult conversations that create results
  • Building cross-organizational relationships for greater results
  • Understanding the financial fundamentals and metrics of your business

The workshops are highly interactive and customizable, developing behaviors that are targeted for the positions within your organization.

Create healthy leaders and a vibrant organization by investing in people.

In-House Workshop for Managers and Executives

Inquire about how you can bring Dr. Myron Beard into your organization for a two-day program to work exclusively alongside your team of managers and executives.

About The DNA of Leadership

The DNA of Leadership: Creating Healthy Leaders and Vibrant Organizations was co-authored by executive consultants Dr. Myron Beard and Dr. Alan Weiss.

This book is the result of working with thousands of organizational leaders, reviewing their behaviors, and identifying characteristics that are required for high levels of success, including:

  • Setting a forceful vision
  • Identifying and hiring extraordinary talent
  • Delegation practices to maximize results
  • Communicating for impact
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Creating a compelling business model

The DNA of Leadership is written for leaders at every level of an organization. The first-time manager and chief executive officer alike will benefit from an active roadmap toward becoming a truly outstanding leader.

About Dr. Myron Beard

Myron Beard, PhD, is a business psychologist who has worked internationally with hundreds of top-level leaders and organizations, such as Western Union, First Data Corporation, Coors, and Kiewit Corporation. He has the unique background of being a psychologist who has run businesses and business functions. He is an expert in transforming organizations through restructuring, developing effective strategies, managing mergers and acquisitions, repositioning and reorganizing  to meet growth objectives, planning for leadership succession, and evaluating and consulting with executives to develop high-performing teams. He is regularly sought after for his expertise by boards of directors, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, Fortune 250 executives, and other publicly traded, privately held, and family-owned companies. He has written numerous articles, book chapters, and books about his approach to business transformation. His success in addressing leadership and business development needs unique to the healthcare industry has resulted in a new book, The DNA of Physician Leadership, available here

Become a Certified Trainer in The DNA of Leadership

Dr. Myron Beard offers train-the-trainer workshops for internal organizational development leaders so that you may continue evolving your organization as existing talent is promoted and new talent is hired.

As a Certified Trainer in The DNA of Leadership, you will be able to deliver in-house programs on the broad, systemic issues that your managers face daily. You will have the access to the book, workbook, workshop slides, online course, and all the teaching tools required to deliver your program with confidence.

Train-the-trainer programs are bundled with your organization’s in-house workshop, so future Certified Trainers in your company experience the workshop firsthand as a complement to their certification training.

The many benefits of having a Certified Trainer within your organization include:

  • Ongoing training as existing talent is promoted
  • Consistent training as new talent is hired
  • Ability to customize the program to develop behaviors targeted to specific companies or industries
  • Maximize in-house HR and organizational leadership talent
  • Save your company thousands of dollars—even hundreds of thousands of dollars—in external development programs
  • Maintain healthy leaders and build on your existing, vibrant organization through consistent development programs that you can conduct any time!

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