The DNA of Leadership Webinar series focuses on strategies to address the unique issues that leaders in your organization face on a daily basis.

These webinar workshops cover a wide variety of topics and are highly interactive and customized for your team’s specific attributes. Facilitated by organizational psychologist Dr. Myron Beard, these webinars follow a 90-minute format and come with supplemental digital materials. Your leaders gain information and tools to develop behaviors that are targeted for the positions they hold within your organization.

Contact us today about bringing DNA of Leadership Webinars to the leaders in your organization, and learn more about each of the 12 programs, below.

Becoming a Versatile Leader

The ability to adapt leadership behavior to broader responsibilities is leadership versatility that accounts for over 50% of leadership success. This webinar helps leaders fundamentally change the way they lead.

Building High-Performing Teams

Team performance is a fundamental driver of business results, yet a recent study found only 20% of teams would be considered high-performing. Put your leaders on track to make their teams the engine of your organization’s success.

Conducting Difficult Conversations

Whether discussing employee performance or business critical issues, a leader must have open and honest, frank yet compassionate lines of communication. Give your leaders the tools and confidence to master difficult conversations.

Creating A Culture of Accountability

Often, the greatest obstacle to innovation and achievement is lack of ownership and accountability. Leadership effectiveness is enhanced when people are given the tools they require to see important initiatives through to completion.

Critical Thinking

The current marketplace is more challenging than ever. New challenges demand adaptability, agility, and a leveraging of strengths. This webinar will help your leaders understand how they must think differently to succeed in demanding situations.

Effective Delegation

Leaders are often challenged to leverage themselves through the work and capabilities of those who work for them. Help get your leaders on track to get the most out of their teams.

Looking In The Mirror: Leadership Psychology 101

The ways in which leaders manage their insecurities is what defines them. Give the leaders in your organization the tools they need to make confident and informed business decisions.

Mentoring for Success

Mentorship accelerates personal development and leads to greater productivity, and is one of the most valuable tools an organization has to grow talent. This webinar gives your leaders insights to effectively mentor your organization’s up-and-coming talent.

Setting a Vision for Your Team

A vision provides clarity and makes it possible for employees to understand where the organization is headed and their role in helping it get there. This webinar is valuable whether leading a department, a business unit, or an entire organization.

Successful Negotiations

Within an organization, the challenge around negotiation lies in balancing relationships with outcomes. Give your leaders a method to help them weigh the costs and benefits of negotiated outcomes.

The Art of Leadership: Shifting Your Paradigm

Within 18 months of being hired and promoted, 50-70% of executives fail. This webinar helps prepare leaders for how their thinking must fundamentally change in order to succeed in a leadership role.

The Business of Leadership

When leaders don’t understand how their organization makes money, the company suffers. This webinar gives your leaders the tools to understand how their function or team fits within the overall business model, in order to set their sights on the same prize.