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Want to Succeed in Business? Invest in a Good Telescope!

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Leadership Lesson 4: Seeing the Future What astronomers can teach us about leadership In 1919, astronomer Edwin Hubble looked into a state-of-the-art telescope on top of Mount Wilson, just outside of Los Angeles, CA. What Hubble saw would change the field of astronomy—and the world—forever. The early twentieth century was a time of raging debate… Read the full article >>

How Organizational Leaders Are Like ER Doctors

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Leadership Lesson 3: Calibrating Your Work The 200-year-old medical technique that could save your organization According to the National Institutes of Health, it was Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, Surgeon-in-Chief to Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, who originated the notion of triaging in the late eighteenth century. This practice allowed the French army to use its resources efficiently… Read the full article >>

The Awkward Thing About Being Promoted That No One Wants to Tell You

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Leadership Lesson 2: Negotiating Relationships … and how to conquer the discomfort. You finally got the big promotion you have been working toward. Welcome to your spacious new office, your sizable salary increase, and a stack of freshly printed business cards you can send to your parents to show them you have finally made it!… Read the full article >>

The Surprising Reason That NASCAR Is Like Business

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Leadership Lesson 1: Broadening Your Vision And no, it is not because each win is accompanied by bottles of champagne Whether or not you watch NASCAR, you are probably familiar with some of the sport’s biggest names. Hall of Fame stars like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon helped propel NASCAR into its current position as… Read the full article >>

Creating Great Leaders

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Creating Great Leaders Posted on February 5, 2021January 29, 2021 by Myron Beard, PhD Research by the Corporate Executive Board found that an astounding 50 to 70 percent of executives fail within 18 months of being hired or promoted. Not unique to any single industry, this high rate of failure occurs even though these new… Read the full article >>