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Managing a Turnaround: Leadership Requirements

It is not uncommon for new leaders to be hired or promoted with the expectation that they will turn things around for a business or operation. Turnarounds require leaders to make difficult decisions, “right the ship,” and make the business or operation successful again. It is critical for such leaders to recognize that the behaviors… Read the full article >>

Stumbling onto Happiness

High-achieving executives may wonder how well success correlates to happiness. We have been molded, especially in America, to believe that the more we have in terms of money, assets, position, power, or authority, the happier we will be. But what if the link between success and happiness is not as clear-cut as we have been taught… Read the full article >>

How Are You Valued: Are You Using the Right Criteria?

When asking individuals about their work, and their value to an organization, it is common to hear about the volume of emails they receive or the number of meetings they attend as evidence of their importance. In fact, it has become a badge of honor for people to complain (disingenuously) about having a full voice… Read the full article >>

Executive Fitness: Is It Really That Important?

I had the unique opportunity to work with a project management team making a large, innovative addition to a power plant. Because the project included new technology to clean up emissions and was a joint venture with a foreign company, it received significant scrutiny from all parties involved. For the project management team, this was… Read the full article >>

Likability: The Most Common Hiring Mistake

When looking for the ideal candidate to fill a key position, it is common for hiring managers to identify a list of attributes they consider essential to being successful in the role. In addition to the technical skills required, this list of additional management and interpersonal characteristics is often so lengthy that no one, including… Read the full article >>

Making Decisions: Take This Principle to the Bank

When executives take too long to make important business decisions related to hiring, promoting, or terminating employees, I commonly hear them lament, “I should have done this a long time ago!” This sentiment is especially true when executives deliberate awhile when dealing with employees who have been underperforming or behaving poorly, in spite of the… Read the full article >>

Leveraging Leadership: Effective Delegation

One of the country’s preeminent executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith, wrote a book with a title that says it all: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Goldsmith insightfully describes that being in an executive management role is not simply “doing more of the same,” but is really making a step-wise difference in how you behave…. Read the full article >>

Great Leadership: Getting Out of Our Own Way

When you consider the obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of you moving from being a good leader to being a great leader, you may be surprised at just how simple, and obvious, the answer is. It is common to assume that those great leaders whom we admire have risen to their lofty heights… Read the full article >>

Paul Ryan’s Candidacy: Anatomy of a Negotiation

In the vacuum created by the resignation of John Boehner as Speaker of the House, Congressional Republicans have scrambled to find a replacement in a very contentious and divided Republican Party. At a time when the Republican Party’s decision-making is over-influenced by the so-called Freedom Caucus, a group of 38 (out of 435) Representatives who… Read the full article >>

Joe Biden and Executive Decision Making

Joe Biden announced recently that he would not run for the 2016 presidency of the United States. There had been significant speculation from pundits on both sides of the aisle about whether Biden would run and what his candidacy would mean to existing Democratic candidates and Republican challengers. A very interesting factor was the length… Read the full article >>